Manage Your Entire Automotive Repair Business


Tailored To Car And Light-Truck Repair

If you are in the business of servicing cars and light trucks, GarageAdministrator Platinum is tailored for you. Special features are included for general repair shops, tire shops, brake shops, lube shops, and other specialty shops.




Quick Accurate Estimates For Maximum Profits

Whether you get your labor from a labor guide, base it on actual technician performance, or use your own methodology, GarageAdministrator Platinum will help you prepare the most accurate estimates possible. Parts markup is also included.




Job Scheduling For A More Efficient Shop Floor

GarageAdministrator Platinum comes with an appointments calendar to schedule your work. You can set up service bays and technician workstations on the calendar to better schedule and track your jobs.




Additional Features

Control your inventory, keep track of your employee performance, and manage your suppliers with GarageAdministrator Platinum. Inventory control forms, employee performance tracking forms, and accounts-payable forms are all included. Also included are accounts-receivable forms to track customers that make payments to you on payment plans.




Get a fully-functional GarageAdministrator Platinum software absolutely free. There is no obligation on your part to buy anything. No salespeople will call. Fill out the form below and click the download button to begin downloading GarageAdministrator Platinum.








Charge for your services like the big franchise shops

Prepare a job menu with your most common services. In no time, you will be billing for services just like the big franchise shops do. Do you really think that those guys run to the labor guide every time a job shows up? Nope, and neither should you.


Service Reminders Drive Sales

GarageAdministrator Platinum helps you generate service reminders to drive sales and increase revenue. Mail your customers a postcard or letter generated from GarageAdministrator Platinum to let them know that their vehicle will soon require service.



Vehicle Inspection Forms Increase Revenue

It costs money to get a customer into your shop. Don't let that customer get away without selling all of the services that the vehicle requires. GarageAdministrator Platinum has vehicle inspection forms to help your technicians check for required maintenance.


Track Purchases And Expenses

Don't run out of cash half-way through the month. With GarageAdministrator Platinum, you'll always know how much you've spent and how much you've made.


Network Ready

Whether you plan to install GarageAdministrator Platinum on one computer in your office or multiple computers throughout your shop, our software is ready for your needs. You can install the software on up to five computers at no extra cost.


No Subscription Required

When you purchase GarageAdministrator Platinum, you purchase the software outright. That means that if you want to keep using the same edition of the software, you can do so as long as you want. That is the primary difference between our software and subscription based software. Subscription based software means you have to purchase a yearly update to keep using the system. With our software, you only update whenever you want.


Product Support At No Extra Cost

Need help using GarageAdministrator Platinum? No problem, GarageAdministrator Platinum comes fully supported. One year of product support is included at no extra charge.


Time Is Money

Don't take chances when you have a shop full of vehicles. Go with a proven winner. Go with GarageAdministrator Platinum.













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